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Jennifer Mellon founded Trustify together with her husband Danny Boice. She also currently serves as the company’s President where her job entails overseeing their network of private investigators, hiring, customer acquisition, government and regulatory affairs, and non-profit and corporate partnerships, among others.

Before Trustify, Jennifer Mellon was involved in the non-profit sector where her focus was on improving child welfare. She formerly served as Executive Director for the Joint Council on International Children’s Services. She is also a strong advocate for women’s rights.

Through Trustify, Jennifer Mellon hopes to continue her children’s and women’s rights advocacies. This blog site was also created in support of her advocacies and to likewise inform readers of the services that Trustify provides. Below is a brief description of the pages included here:

  • About – This is where Jen shares a few intimate details about her personal life. If you wish to learn more about her background, this is the page to visit.
  • Purpose – This page is dedicated to what Jennifer Mellon is most passionate about: helping vulnerable people find their voice again and regain control of their lives through the work that Trustify provides. The reader can also find a few more important details about Trustify’s services on this page.
  • News – On this page, readers can learn all the latest news and updates about Trustify so make sure to regularly check this page to stay up-to-date.
  • Blog – If you wish to learn more about how private investigation can help you, this is where you should go. The page discusses the various issues that private investigation can help you with as well as information on relevant matters.This blog site will be updated regularly so make sure to bookmark it.

    To read the latest posts on all things private investigation, Jennifer Mellon invites you to visit the Blog page.