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Jennifer Mellon | Background Check

5 Times Hollywood Could Have Benefited from a Background Check

As the President of Trustify, Jennifer Mellon sees Hollywood from a different scope these days. Whether it was a mean Tweet that someone dug up from five years ago, or a full blown #MeToo movement confession, we’ve seen the real repercussions of people with a dark past in recent entertainment news. Everyone, from producers to directors, to lead actors, is getting sacked because of some dastardly deed, whether it’s a recurring thing, or something they did one time, twenty years ago that was caught on camera. Image Source: Wikipedia

In no particular order, Jennifer Mellon’s list:

1. James Gunn, director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, was fired earlier this year over a series of offensive Tweets that Gunn posted on his feed. The in the Tweets, Gun made jokes about taboo topics like AIDS, pedophilia and the Holocaust.

Gunn has since deleted the offensive Tweets and apologized for them, saying that his younger self was a different person, and that he has since, basically, grown up, but that didn’t stop Disney from showing him the boot, citing that his remarks on Twitter are, “…indefensible and inconsistent with our studio’s values.”

2. Columbus Short, an up and coming actor from the Shondra Rhimes TV Show, Scandal, was fired after his wife filed a restraining order against him. She claims the actor put a knife to her throat. Short later pleaded guilty to domestic violence in court.

It seems to have been a good decision by the studio since the actor ended up being ordered to spend six months in a live-in drug rehab program.

3. Judy Garland, most famous for her role in The Wizard of Oz, was originally part of the cast o Mark Robson’s Valley of Dolls. What Robson probably didn’t realize initially was that Judy Garland had long since grown up since her days of playing Dorothy, and was now heavily into substance abuse.

Garland was fired from the set after showing up inebriated one too many times. A few years later, she died of an overdose at the age of 47.

4. Kevin Spacey was fired from two roles in one in the wake of Anthony Rapp’s sexual abuse allegations. The Star Trek: Discover Actor, Repp alleged that Spacey made sexual advances towards him when he was 14 and Spacey was 26.

Spacey was subsequently fired from the lead role in the Netflix series, House of Cards. Netflix further by not releasing the Gore biopic that they had already produced with Spacey also in the lead.

5. Shannen Doherty was quietly fired from the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 when an argument escalated with Tori Spelling. Rumor had it that the latter called her famous producer father to fire her cast-mate.

The producers of Charmed probably never heard those rumors as it was an ultimatum by Doherty, who wanted co-star Alyssa Milano off the show, that eventually caused Doherty to quit.

For Jennifer Mellon, if there’s anything to take away from all this, it’s that even the most seemingly harmless and respectable people can have skeletons in their closet. Many cases like these could have been avoided with a background check.