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Jennifer Mellon | Private Investigator for Legal Cases

Lawsuits can be rather complex. The whole process can be tedious, and oftentimes, frustrating especially if your case hits a wall. Says Jennifer Mellon; “This is where a private investigator comes into play. Private investigators are often sought out by one or both parties to help them with the case.”

To explain a bit further, Jennifer Mellon briefly discusses below why a private investigator could be a critical factor in helping you win the case.

1. Find strong evidence against your opponent in court

Each side in every litigation needs rock-solid evidence to win the case, and often, finding pieces of evidence to seal the case is the hardest part of a lawyer’s job. According to Jennifer Mellon, and based on the cases they’ve helped with at Trustify, a private investigator can bring in a new perspective on the case. Being an outsider, they can see things more clearly, and they can look at the case with fresh eyes. This opens up other angles that you might have missed, allowing you to find the one evidence that is critical to the case. Image Source:

Being experienced in this type of situation, they have developed the ability to look beyond the obvious.

2. Locate witnesses

Evidence is just one part of the equation, says Jennifer Mellon; the other part involves having a witness or witnesses that not only corroborates the story, but more importantly, presents a solid testimony in favor of the client. Not all witnesses are willing to testify, and as such, they do everything they can to avoid being tracked down. A private investigator can find even the most elusive witness with barely any information about them. Jennifer Mellon says that even with just a street address and nothing else, private investigators can find your witness.

3. Dig deeper into public records

What sets private investigators apart from “regular people?” They know where to look and what to look for. They also have the patience to work long hours in their quest to uncover the truth, and sometimes this means spending hours searching public records to find out if there were bits of information that were left out or intentionally “buried” to prevent them from becoming public knowledge. Previous criminal records, questionable activities, history of violence and abusive behavior, and records of drug or substance abuse are only some of the information that a private investigator can uncover.

4. Testify in court

In some instances, the private investigator helping with your case may be called as a witness. This isn’t surprising at all, says Jennifer Mellon, because apart from all the truths they’ve uncovered against your opponent in court, they may have also witnessed activities or behaviors that could further incriminate the subject or prove that what they are being accused of is indeed true.

In a word, a private investigator helps you connect the dots.

A private investigator knows that there’s a strong possibility that they will be called to the witness stand, but Jennifer Mellon advises that you still discuss this option with the PI during the consultation process.