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Jennifer Mellon | About

Before Jennifer Mellon co-founded Trustify with her husband Danny Boice, she already had a string of successful businesses under her belt so one could say that entrepreneurship comes naturally for her. And at the core of all her businesses is her mission and true calling: enhancing the lives of others; helping change it for the better. This is what success means for Jennifer Mellon: the lives they have touched and changed through what they offer and through the company itself.

Giving and serving others have always been a huge part of Jen’s life. Her parents instilled in her the values that she lives by: serving others, giving to the less fortunate, working with creativity, and always doing everything with integrity and purpose.

Prior to starting Trustify, Jennifer Mellon served as Executive Director of the Joint Council on International Children’s Services; the youngest-ever to be appointed as Executive Director in the organization’s 40-year history. She also served as Program Director for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute for about a year.

Jen is also a strong advocate for women’s rights. In fact, when she joined the Junior Miss pageant (which she won), she dressed up as Susan B. Anthony, the women’s rights activist who fought for women’s right to vote. In the pageant, Jen reenacted Ms. Anthony’s famous speech.

Today, Jen is busy helping manage Trustify, serving as its President; taking care of her husband and their five children, and doing charitable works.

Jen is the recipient of numerous awards including the Goldman Sach 2017 “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs,” the Alexandria 2017 “40 Under 40,” “Women in Technology 2017 Entrepreneur Leadership Award,” and the 2016 Barbara Pratt Lee “Heart of Gold Award.”

Jennifer Mellon acknowledges that the success that she’s enjoying now, both in her professional and personal life, wouldn’t have been possible without God. In everything that she and her husband does, they make sure that God is always at the center, especially in matters concerning their marriage and family.

Jen, Danny and their five children are based in Alexandria, VA. They attend Metro Church also in Alexandria.